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The National Flag of Canada also known as the Maple Leaf flag celebrates its 50th birthday February 15th 2015. On this day 50 years ago in Parliament and many communities across Canada, the Red Ensign was lowered and the new Maple Leaf was put in its place. It took many years to get to this point with many discussions in Parliament and with Canadians across the country, to decide on the particulars of the new flag.  A committee was struck in 1925 to start researching the possibility of a national flag however this did not lead to any clear-cut decisions.  In 1946 another committee accepted designs from across the country but again nothing came from this project.

It wasn’t until 1964 when Lester B. Pearson was Prime Minister that the ball started rolling again on this topic.  With the Centennial of Canada fast approaching, the Prime Minister thought it was a good time to develop a national flag of Canada. This topic was not without controversy, with many people including members of the Legion opposing the idea of a new flag.  Veterans had fought under the Red Ensign and it was a symbol that they and others held dear.

The maple leaf emblem and the colours red and white were not new to Canadians.  The maple leaf was considered a Canadian emblem in the 1830s in Quebec as well as in the 1860s in the coats of arms for Quebec and Ontario.  The colours red and white were designated by King George V in 1921, in the proclamation of the Royal Arms of Canada — Canada’s coat of arms. Out of all of the designs that were submitted the committee chose the Maple Leaf.  It was approved in the House of Commons on December 15 1964, the Senate on December 17 1964, and proclaimed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada, to take effect on February 15, 1965.

Below are flags and items from the Museum Strathroy-Caradoc’s collection, including representations of the Union Jack, the Red Ensign and the Maple Leaf.

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For more information visit the Government of Canada Canadian Heritage website


For the month of December the Museum has placed 5 of John Kolstein’s sketches in the Art Space.  Below is a short biography on the artist.

image of John Kolstein

Self Portrait 1988

John Kolstein was a man who says he was born with a pencil and pen in his hand.  Kolstein recalls he was always drawing, ever since he was a child.  “It’s a natural talent I just developed my own technique”.

Early on in his career he was commissioned to draw a number of businesses and homes in the community and many have stayed in the area.  Kolstein was the first artist to showcase his pieces here in the original gallery and he continued to put on regular exhibitions.  He was a strong supporter of the library, museum and local art groups.

 He often worked in pen combined with watercolours.  “I have never seen this style done this way by anybody else”.  Kolstein would travel with a camera and a sketch pad all the time when something of interest caught his eye he would begin a preliminary sketch and photograph the subject.   An 8×10 inch sketch would take Kolstein about two weeks to complete.

“The technique I use appeals to people and brings me great pleasure.  I just hope that when I’m gone that people will remember me.”  Kolstein died on September 22nd 1991 in Strathroy at the age of 73.

These paintings are part of the Art Gallery Collection that Museum Strathroy-Caradoc holds.   This collection contains over 80 pieces, many of them done by local artists.

For the month of August the Museum will highlight items within the collection using the alphabet.

This month you will get a glimpse of the collection.  We have been hard at work making the list and creating short stories for each item.  We have chosen a wide range of items within the collection that represent Strathroy-Caraodoc and surrounding area.  From the everyday household item to the unusual hand-made item, we have it all and maybe even a zebra for the end.

Check back tomorrow for A is for …..

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