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The Brown brothers, Walter, John and Leonard — were members of Mount Carmel Methodist Church who served in the First World War. Of these three Caradoc natives, only Walter and Leonard would return home.

John was born on December 18, 1895 in Mount Brydges to Elizabeth and Robert Brown.  His enlistment forms, signed in January 1915, state he was a farmer with no previous military experience.

By April 18, 1915 he was sailing from Halifax on the S.S. Grampian, on his way to England.  He had only been in England for one month when he came down with the measles and had to stay at Moore Barracks Shorncliffe Kent to recuperate.  By September of the same year he was en route to France to serve in the Machine Gun Corp 4th Company.  After fighting for more than a year he was admitted to # 18 General Hospital in Camiers France in November 1916, where he stayed until January of the following year with P.U.O. (pyrexia or fever).  

He re-joined his unit January 17, 1917 and was promptly promoted to Corporal.  He continued fighting until that fateful day on April 9, 1917 when he was killed at the age of 21. 

He is listed on the Vimy Memorial in France.  His mother received a copper ‘death penny’ and scroll from King George in honour of John’s service. These pennies were a standard token of appreciation given to family members of those who perished in the war.  His mother also received a Memorial Cross and a C.E.F. Mothers in Sacrifice Medal.  He is honoured in the community on the Mount Brydges Honour Roll, and both the Strathroy and Mount Brydges Cenotaph.

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 For more information please visit the Strathroy Cenotaph website created by John Sargeant


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