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Do you remember 1983?

Did you attend a local event or have a milestone recorded in the local newspaper, The Age Dispatch?

Did you go to the fair in Strathroy, Mount Brydges or Ilderton?  Were you on a sports team, hockey, basketball, soccer, football, baseball, tennis etc.?   If so you may be in the Museum’s Age Dispatch Negative Collection.

Some snap shots for 1983 include:
Joan Galbraith retiring from the Strathroy Post Office
Trillium Village being constructed and opening
Strathroy Blade Mike Stapleton scoring against the Sarnia Bees
Mr. and Mrs. Antonio T. DaSilva of Strathroy marked their 60th wedding anniversary
Mr. Dressup coming to Colborne Street School
Charlie Weatherby guessing how many candies in a candy jar
Wayne Pullen shooting apples at the First Annual Apple Shoot in Metcalfe Township
Turkey Fest Mocha Temple Races
Fire at Strathroy Furniture

There are over 800 negatives online to view.  You can go to the online collection directly through the link provided ONLINE COLLECTION or find in on our website at under the tab “COLLECTION” and the page “SEARCH COLLECTION”.

To Search the Collection once there you can either browse in the “random images” page or do a keyword search if you are looking for something in particular.

If you see one that you like fill out the order form located below each image.  There is a small fee of $5 – $25 depending on what resolution that you want and for what purpose.

Also if you have more information about a particular event or person that you see in the negatives that you would like to share please contact the museum at 519-245-1105 ext. 322 or


Rinsing the glass plate negatives in distilled water.

This past Friday, our Collections Assistant Crystal and our summer Intern Jordan started the long process of deep-cleaning the 3000 + glass plate negatives associated with the R.S. Williams Negative Collection.  We started with a trial of ten negatives, making sure to test a wide variety in case smudging occured or the emulsion started to flake.

The negatives were put into three different baths, being soaked for 10-15 seconds in each.  Gloves were worn to prevent finger prints and other natural oils from getting on the negatives.

The drying process was the most time consuming, taking over 8 hours.  Due to the long drying time, we will only be able to fully clean and package approximately 20 negatives per day due to lack of space in our drying racks.

Some of the negatives had what looks like red marker on the top, identifying who was in the picture.  The writing was monitored carefully as the negatives were soaked as to prevent fading and loss of information.

The description of each negative was taken, including a photograph before being treated with the wet cleaning process.  These descriptions will help to form a preliminary index for the collection.

All ten trial negatives drying.

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