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In 1984 Ontario celebrated its 200th anniversary. 1784 was chosen as the “birth” of the province as it was in this year a party of approximately 250 United Empire Loyalists established the first permanent European settlement in Adolphustown Township. Other important dates in Ontario’s history include 1791 when British Parliament created Upper and Lower Canada, 1841 when Canada West was formed and 1867 when the province was officially created.

Communities across the province celebrated throughout 1984 by planting trees, having banquets, participating in parades and creating quilts.

This quilt was created by the Parkhill Leisure Club for a competition that was held in May at the Ontario Agricultural Museum (Country Heritage Park). There were 206 entries from all over Ontario.


Ontario Quilt

Ontario Quilt

The quilt depicts historical scenes of Ontario including the Petrolia oil wells, a water wheel, pioneer scenes, the Provincial flag, the coat of arms, and parliament buildings. The colours coincide with the official provincial colours and the trillium, the official flower.

Tree planting was also a popular way to celebrate because it was in this year that Ontario adopted the eastern white pine as its official tree.  The Queen and Prince Philip toured Ontario and New Brunswick, (which was also celebrating its 200th anniversary), in the Fall of 1984 planting trees on the lawn in front of the Legislative Building.
To wrap up the year of celebrations the province awarded 1,984 Bicentennial medals. The recipients of the medal were selected by their communities and through public nominations during the year. The medal was made of Ontario nickel and gold and featured the Ontario coat of arms on one side and the Bicentennial symbol on the other.  It was inscribed with the words “For Service to the Community”


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