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Last week the Collections Committee met to review all of the potential donations so far for 2011.  Over the past 4 months 19 people have brought in their pieces to be considered for donation. 

How do the items get accepted into the collection you ask?                    

1. The first step is filling out the Temporary Custody Receipt. As the title of the form states, this gives the museum “temporary custody” until the Collections Committee meets (approx. 4x/year). See image below.
2. The Collections Committee which is composed of local residents appointed by the Museum Advisory Committee meet to discuss each item with the Collections Assistant.
3a. If the Committee decides to accept a donation, in whole or in part, a Gift Form is produced for the donor to sign and the items are officially transferred to the Museum.  See image below.
3b. If the committee does not accept the items, they are returned to the original owner.
4. Once the items are in the possession of the Museum they are assigned a number and catalogued into the collection using PastPerfect.

At the meeting the Committee accepted 48 items, some of which are listed below:

Milk Bottle Top: Chocolate Milk Bottle top Strathroy Creamery

-Bottle: Hunter’s Jersey Dairy Milk

-Button: Strathroy Old Home Week Aug 2-7 1930

-Flag: Strathroy–Caradoc (1st design)

-Photographs (x2): Downtown Strathroy

-Photographs (x3): Old Home Week 1930 Parade

-Deeds (x10) Noble Estate 114 Oxford Street

-Pamphlet: How to use the new Area Code 1962

-Municipal Records: Municipal Officers 1956

-Map: Strathroy ca 1940s

Temporary Custody Receipt

Deed of Gift Form

In honour of the recent Beaver and Cub tours held at the museum and conducted by Brianna, I am dedicating a post to Scouting.

The Beaver program (ages 5-7) emphasizes having fun well learning basic social skills and gaining self confidence.  Cubs (ages 8-10)  is built around games, crafts, music, storytelling, play acting, and the outdoors and individual interests and skills are recognized through simple awards.

Strathroy, Mount Brydges, and Melbourne are part of the Sydenham Area under the Tri-Shores Council which has 4,900 youth in the Scouts Canada Program and over 1,200 adult volunteers who deliver and support the program.

Strathroy’s first Scouting group was organized shortly after the founding of the Boy Scout Movement by Englishman Lord Robert Baden-Powell in 1907.  Since this time Strathroy and area citizens have been active in promoting the movement.  Among the early leaders were E.J. Wright and Ian P. Bateman.

During the years of the Second World War activities increased.  At that time there were two groups in Strathroy with an approximately 200 Scouts and Cubs.  The Scout House located at the northern end of Alexandra Park was built in 1957 at a cost of $22,000 on land donated by R.B. Pincombe. 

For more information go to the Age Dispatch article published during the 100 year anniversary of Scouting.

The museum has a number of pieces from the 1930s-1980s, from books to uniforms, below is just a sample of what can be found within the collection.

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