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Every year numerous items are donated to the Museum and this year more than 50 people donated over 400 items.  We thank those who have given their possessions to the museum, they will be kept in the community and will continue to be viewed for many years to come.  Our largest donation this year, not included in the above statistics, is from the Strathroy Age Dispatch, the local newspaper.  They have given the museum and therefore the community, over 100 years of the newspaper and over 20 years of negatives.  Over the coming months we will keep you all up to date on the progress of reviewing, cataloguing, scanning and photographing this very large donation. 

To all the donors, 
Thank you


Hi it’s me again, Michelle. I am enjoying my time here at the museum.

I recently had the opportunity to design and set up a Christmas exhibit in the library. I had to select each item and design a layout for them in the 2 cases I had available. I included some of the more common toys that one would see in a 1900’s home in Strathroy.  I chose some neat old toys like a doll, building blocks, toy trucks and cars, trains, spinning tops, toy horses, and an elephant on a platform. These all stood out to me as toys children would want to see under the tree on Christmas morning. Plus they were all really cute and I really never get to see old toys like that up close them. 

Christmas Cards and Toys Exhibit

I also included Christmas cards, it was interesting to learn about the history and it was amusing to see the difference between the cards made in England and ones made in Canada. The imagery is quite contrasting.. I also had a lot of fun decorating the exhibit cases with Christmas decorations and white sheets. I am glad I had this opportunity to be creative and design an exhibit on my own.

Christmas Cards and Toys Exhibit

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